Mysterious Force Empowering Around Us

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment


              These legendary lines of the classic saga STAR WARS would have been heard by all the Sci-fi freaks. Jedi masters like Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi & Sith Lords like Darthvader, DarthMaul are overheard saying the word Force lot of time!! What these people call as Force in the future is what we call today as intuition! Intuition is the premature form of the force. Yep, George Lucas, Its “intuition”!

Starting with a scenario, I suppose we all have faced; choosing between 4 options of an unknown question whose answer does not lie in your universe. Out of desperation we choose an option, and then we think, have I done it correctly or not?? Yep…There are all those evil thoughts of getting wrong going in your mind!! We change the ANSWER! Till now everything is going merrily and you are flying!! Frustration comes the moment you check the solution! The answer that you guessed earlier turns out to be true and in turn you turn out to be wrong! Ever wondered WHY DID U EARLIER CHOSE THAT OPTION?  WHAT MADE U CHOOSE THAT WITHOUT KNOWING A SHIT?  That’s what is called as ‘THE FORCE’ or ‘INTUITION’! Let me define Intuition first. It is unconscious thought process that produces rapid solution without any inferred knowledge.Intuition is an energy created by all the life forms which exist; it binds and penetrates from all of them across the universe. Many times when you act out of your intuition, it helps you and even the resulting act favours another individual. This is how we can relate the combination of force which binds every creature in one way or the other.  You can’t really justify its presence but even the brainiest scientists believe its existence! Master Yoda also explains that “you must feel the Force around you.” Buried deep within each and every one of us, there is an instinctive, heartfelt awareness —if we allow it to. Yes, you must trust your instincts and let the thoughts from the inside drive you. Researchers & statistical analysts believe that if you do so, most of the times you’ll get what you desire. A person who develops good intuition and relies on it can know anything without the boundaries of space-time. Wait a minute, it doesn’t mean that you can predict the future every time… Yes, I know u guys were thinking that!!! There is only one way to develop this force within you and that is on empirical and statistical basis. It works looking back and analysing into the archives. Secondly trust it and I am sure it will reward you well.

Of course these Jedis & Siths are far more advanced with the force as they can use it physically! I bet we can evolve and adapt ourselves in the future to use the force that way by using it for ‘mind control’, ‘levitation’ Etc… Etc..!  [Pardon me just got carried away, way too far!! ;-)]

PS- This was just a random thought from an idle mind. Any influence from this does not involve or relate me!